Stories of Online Sales

7 reasons why you should be using Landing Stories


Your products, catalogued

Help your clients navigate through your offer, showcase all your products in one digital booklet. 

Dive into


Use full-bleed images, present your product from all angles, zoom into details and allow your product to stand out through immersive vertical pages.

From tap to sale

Engage new customers: drive more taps, more swipes, more conversions and more sales!

Make offers

special again

Need that extra convincing? Promote your offers and keep your audience in the loop.

Interactive Feedback

Make your customers dream while keeping a pulse on their needs and wants.

Direct to consumer

Make your ads perform. Choose a landing page that’s immersive and mobile optimized.

Your message.

Your Story.

Are your products handmade? Sustainable? Innovative?

Share your values and communicate your brand's identity.